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News Today, Chennai 23 November, 2004.
Gifted. That’s what artist Satheesh Paul is…... In keeping with the theme of his expo ”Abstract adventure”, Paul has gone in for an adventure with brush and colours. He has combined soft colours ,mystic lines, circular patterns and geometric shapes in perfect fusion in his creations. A human touch explodes in his expressions and the love and passion he has for graphics vibrates in each and every piece.
The Hindu, December 17/ 2002
There is a brooding quality about the faces and images that stare at one from the canvas: stark faces that vaguely reflect an inner anguish, a sense of vulnerability. The row of meditative faces gives way to frames marked by a brilliance of colours which the artist says he is discovering anew.
The New Indian Express, Hyderabad December 2004
All his paintings narrate a story of the tough road he’s often taken. Satheesh Paul’s casual and critical observations are displayed at Shrishti Art Gallery. The careful use of colours provide an apt background for his themes.
The New Indian Express Feb 12, 1999.
The works of Satheesh are lucid. He stands apart from most of today’s modern artists. His trial of print making is an experiment. He wants each piece of his to be different.
Deccan Herald, December 28/1998.
He has mostly heads and figures – of people also animals whose moods, expressions and aspirations he wants to capture, enhance and interlink.
Times of India, December 20/1998.
Satheesh’s drawings, prints and colour works together stand evidence to the historic rupture between the various medium and oeuvre, particularly in a context where the media and the method’s legitimacy are contested.
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