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Satheesh Paul’s natural aptitude for painting at an early age made him create drawings on anything that came in handy from paper to wall. He ardently studied oil painting. Later, he joined Kerala University for BFA in painting and continued his studies at Bangalore University for his MFA in Graphics. He tried his hands at experimenting in new media and came up with amazing results.

His artwork and creative practice extended into diverse modes, forms and mediums resulting in astonishing levels of variety and subtlety in his works. He rendered his themes to paint on canvas, crayon and graphic prints, often accompanied by poetic titles. Avoiding lavish use of color, the muted and subdued hues of Satheesh’s earlier works only add to the powerful imagery. The intensity of emotions is obviously depicted in the eyes of the figures.

Satheesh Paul has a unique style. Expressed with a combination of cool and warm colors they illustrate his experiences in life. The colors in Satheesh's paintings are at once, vibrant and subdued. With all its contemplation, his work is very powerful and intense. His symbolic compositions are mostly figurative and abstract.

He has been included in a number of International Group shows in USA, France, Italy, Greece, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Bhutan. He was also selected to participate in Florence Biennale in Italy. He exhibited his works in many solo exhibitions in India and abroad and has received prestigious awards. Born in Trivandrum, India, he now resides in Bahrain.
Title : Reflection
Medium : Crayon
Size : 90 X 75 cm
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