Colours and paints were my passion from childhood. My experiences in life have always persuaded me to paint. My works are the memoirs of the smouldering track I passed through. I can communicate them to the world only through my paintings. Colours and techniques were never a constraint. My works unintentionally materialised into drawings, abstract and mostly figurative works.

It is not everyday that I work on a painting. There are times when the strongest of my inner feelings finds expression in a small pencil sketch, which might never translate into a bigger canvas. Reds, blues and yellows are colours that normally set aside when I sit down to paint. The brooding state of my mind seems to be passed. Now I am re-discovering the warmth of colours much to my own surprise.

 I intensely researched on different media and techniques and succeeded on alternate media- mica sheet and X-ray films. Alternate media always amazed me with an urge to experiment and illustrate. It encouraged me to involve in Paintings for BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and Graphics for MFA (Master of Fine Arts). So far I have displayed my works in fourteen major solo events and twenty five group exhibitions.
Title : Eternity
Medium : Linocut
Size : 60cm*75cm
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